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I am not sure if you will understand this or take any notice.

I recently bought a NEJE 3 Plus with an N40630 module after advice via chat. I specifically asked which machine was suitable for cutting leather. I have struggled getting the machine to work reliably, the connection to Lightburn is troublesome. I have not managed to make a single cut in 1.5mm leather at 2mm/sec at 100% power. I am now told that I need an air assist to cut leather.

Here are my suggestions:

  1. You need to provide much more basic information on your machines, what we can expect from the and what additional equipment we need.
  2. Better information about focussing, it is very hit and miss and difficult to understand how to get it right.
  3. All of your documentation is very poor. I understand that English isn’t your first language, but you need to find a better translator.
  4. Get more involved in the Facebook group, your representatives should be the first to comment in there. There is a lots of conflicting advice.
  5. If you have successfully cut all of the different materials you claim your machines cut then provide settings, videos, extra equipment and correct information.
  6. The App on the iOs devices is not very useful at all. Extremely primitive. It allows you to say you offer an app but little else.

I feel I have wasted my money on a machine that really isn’t fit for it’s intended purpose. I am advised to by an air assist from China which will take I expect 2-3 weeks to arrive. There is then no guarantee that it will work.

I see that you are trying to focus on customer service but you are not succeeding. Look at the complaints and the problems people are having.

This forum appears also to be rigged to ensure that people cannot complain or post negative comments. I suspect this won’t be allowed either.

I look forward to your reply!

Kind regards

Terry Owen

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Dear Owenter
Thank you very much for your suggestions, we are working hard to improve after-sales efficiency, improve product information, reduce communication time, and make laser engraver easier to use.

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Sadly that doesn’t help me with a machine I bought that isn’t fit for purpose. I was not given the correct information in the chat session. I’ve wasted my money and your solution is for me to spend more!

I am very disappointed with NEJE and it’s products.

If you improved your pre-sales efficiency your after-sales would be much easier.

You can watch this video, maybe it will help you, the cutting ability of this laser module is ok


If you are still having problems after watching the video, maybe I can help.


Hi Jim,

It’s a little clearer but I’d like a better diagram or schematic of how to setup the air assist.

I am struggling for time to experiment at the moment too.




First, lets cover some basics.

  1. are you sure you are focused on the leather surface?
  2. I think you should avoid use the laser at 100%, it wears its out faster
  3. Its possible that your laser is not operating at 100%. We will have check your Lightburn setup.
  4. What type of cuts are you making> straight? artistic?

I am not an expert, but I have used Lightburn with the Neje. Its definitely not easy or straightforward. Can I


1.I have tried different focus points.
2.Can’t run at 100%, seems like a shortcoming in the module. Again you should point this out in your documentation what is the optimum power setting to use.
3.It’s a new machine, used for just a few hours and not all at 100%.
4.As I have mentioned I can’t even cut a 1cm square, no sure if that is artistic or not!

So far I have found Lightburn to be very straightforward and with excellent documentation and support. If I don’t use Lightburn what else is there available on a Mac? Your own software is very limiting.




Note that I am not an Neje agent. I am just a person with some experience trying help. Can you extract the Lightburn config you are using for your laser. I may be able verify that it is doing what you are expecting.

Did you test your machine using the Neje software app before using Lightburn?


How do I extract the Lightburn config? I did try the Neje software on my phone using bluetooth. The software is pretty poor but it worked.

wait, I need to open my Lightburn and refresh my memory. I’ll reply by the morning.

To be clear, you could burn through leather, or at least, get a deep etch into leather using the Neje app?


I use a Windows machine, so I cannot tell you exact location of the file on your Mac. However, look for setup.lbrn or any file with that dot extension.


I seem to remember that you set the “maxpower” variable correctly to get full power of the laser. Just conjecture until refresh my memory.

Hello, I’m sorry for the inconvenience caused by the incomplete information. To be honest, the diode laser has limited cutting ability for leather. I accept your suggestion and make more complete information; NEJE forum is mainly used as a product after-sales service guarantee, NEJE Pay attention to user privacy, so users do not want their addresses and other information to be exposed to everyone, so it is stipulated that after-sales information needs to be hidden; of course, NEJE supports open discussion of products, NEJE provides groups for users to learn and communicate, again for you Sorry for the unpleasant experience, we will use your suggestions to improve the material description information.

NEJE software is planned to improve the product experience based on GRBL control, and will upgrade the software through the NEJE OTA service in the future to obtain more professional capabilities.

I purchased the 40630, this cuts about absolutely anything. Having air-assist is useful as it helps take away the smoke and helps with a better and cleaner cut. I purchased one, an Atomstack F30, but the nozzles do not fit mine so waiting to find outif they do do the part, if not going to find one that does.
If you check out laser Air Assist on YouTube it will show you the advantages. I hope this was useful.

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Hi. Are there any successes?