Air assist.

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I’m ready to purchase the new Max 4 laser cutter/engraver, but I want to know if I can fit the NEJE Air Assist Set to protect the laser module to this particular machine? I know it comes as a separate accesory, but I’m not sure if it can be added to the Max 4 Machine, any help with this matter will be greatly appreciated.

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Which laser module is it?

E80 on a Max 4

The module is the A80 on a Max 4 machine.

Sorry, I meant to say “E80” on a Max4 machine.


NEJE MAX 4 E80 is equipped with 2 air assist modes

The AF3 automatic air valve is not equipped, you need to buy 24V separately, the original 12V is not universal

Thank you for the info Jim! So, if I buy the valve you showed me, do I need to buy another air pump?.. Thanks for the info!

Miguel Rossier

Yes, the high-pressure air pump is very helpful for cutting, so that the cutting edge is clean and the cutting efficiency will be improved. If you use the built-in air pump, you need a clean air source. If you use the needle tube type, the air source is not required. It is best Air pressure greater than 30PSI,Ordinary AOC aquarium air pump is only for lens protection

Is this the pump I need?..


This can only be used as lens protection, and does not improve cutting efficiency much, especially for high-density materials
Something like this, an air compressor greater than 30PSI (but needs a well-working oil-water separator)

AOC can be equipped with a needle-type air-assisted air pump to increase the pressure, refer to the figure below

Thank you very much for the info, I will order the 24v electronic Valve you showed me first, and since I do have a compressor like the one you showed me, I will hook that 24 volt valve to the compressor when my machine arrives. Thank you very much for the information!

Miguel Rossier

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Sorry to but in, but i just bought a Neje Max 4 and i want to make use of the Air Assist.
I found this compresor, that is 8bar(so over 100 PSI)

What i would like to know, is that it says it’s “without oil” that means i would not need a filer?
Also if i use this compressor, should i use the needle-type air assist? Or the built-in airpump?
Also i got a bit mixed in the replies and don’t understand the following:
If i use the needle-type air assist, the cutting will not improve? It’s used only to keep the lens clean?

The bottom line, is that i want to buy something that will also help me improve the cutting.

L.E. i also found this one that seems to be with oil?

But if this one with oil also could not be attached to the version without needle-type, then i think the first one would do the same task.

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Need to be equipped with an oil-water separator, and the lens should be cleaned frequently

@Jim thank you for your reply, but could you tell me if either of this models are good to use directly without the needle-type?
I did not give direct links to the product page, as i do not know if it’s allowed, so that’s why i made a screenshot that shows the model, that way, the specification can be found online.
If the one without oil would also be good, that means that i also need a oil-water separator for that one also?
P.S. The cleaning part of the lens is clear and noted.


It is best to be equipped with an oil-water separator, and the air pressure is greater than 30PSI, which is conducive to cutting


Thank you for the video. So bith of them are around 100psi so it should be good.
And i understand that both can be connected directly to the E80 module if they have the oil-water separator and the cutting will improve, correct?

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Thank you very much, wish you a great day.

Hello @Jim

Coming back, i decided to go for a 50l 8 bar oul compressor with air-oil filter.
What i want to know, as i could not really find online:

  1. On neje max 3, i saw that you need an additional module that controlls the air output.
    Do i need that, or do i just need to connect it to the connector next to that Y axis?
  2. Also dont understand the M8 and M7 setting as seen in the neje 3max air assist install
  3. Also on fb group, someone said that i should limit the output of the PSI, so not to use the total 100PSI, but to limit it. He said he has a 90PSI and limited it to 30 PSI, should that be done?
    The reason is that you would cool the wood too much.
  4. Is there a file with sized for drag chain? I would like to make one, as the free cables on the neje 4max are making me feel uncomfortable.

Thank you very much