What are these Master 2S Plus accessories.

I just received this very nice-looking kit.

What is the intended use of the four accessories/samples I got?
1: The green plastic/acrylic plate - apparently good for cutting, is it also suitable for engraving?
-please provide some power/travel speed setting that are suitable for this material.

2: The strange “pen” with a blacl spongelike thing- how is it intended to be used?

3: a black anodized aluminum “tag” it seems… it it supposed to be marked using some marking fluid/chemical - or is the black to be burned away for marking? - please tell target speed/power.

4: brush…how/when is that supposed to be used? maintenance?

  1. Green acrylic for adjusting the minimum focus
  2. The marker pen is used to blacken some reflective materials
  3. Anodized aluminum, can do testing
  4. The brush is to clean the dust
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Thank you :slight_smile: