voltage connection error - change mainboard

A few years ago I bought a NEJE master 2s, and it was doing very well.
Unfortunately, a few days ago I connected it to the wrong transformer that had 24v 2.5A output, when yours should have been 12v.
First a little smoke came out and immediately the capacitor flew away.
Then I noticed the wrong transformer, but the machine no longer turns on.
I have some questions

  1. I see the motherboard on your website, although it is not the same in appearance, does it fit the neje 2s?
  2. By replacing the card, would the machine work again?
  3. Is the laser independent? That is, has it not suffered or been burned by overload?
  4. I live in Peru and they don’t have delivery here, but I have a person who will be in Los Angeles until January 4, would it be possible for the card to arrive until that day?

I suggest you buy it after returning to Peru