voltage connection error - change mainboard

A few years ago I bought a NEJE master 2s, and it was doing very well.
Unfortunately, a few days ago I connected it to the wrong transformer that had 24v 2.5A output, when yours should have been 12v.
First a little smoke came out and immediately the capacitor flew away.
Then I noticed the wrong transformer, but the machine no longer turns on.
I have some questions

  1. I see the motherboard on your website, although it is not the same in appearance, does it fit the neje 2s?
  2. By replacing the card, would the machine work again?
  3. Is the laser independent? That is, has it not suffered or been burned by overload?
  4. I live in Peru and they don’t have delivery here, but I have a person who will be in Los Angeles until January 4, would it be possible for the card to arrive until that day?

I suggest you buy it after returning to Peru

I already have my mainboard and laser module, but I have a problem installing it. The app I used (neje2) came out wrong and asked me to download the neje3 app, but when I connected it, the laser advanced more than the width of the machine

using the neje 3 app, it seems like it’s upside down, if I position the image at the top, it appears at the bottom, and when I connect the machine, the laser module goes down and collides with the edge/edge limit and starts to sound like it’s docked

Please can you said me what can do?

  1. First of all, you need to determine the motherboard model of the machine you purchased, because NEJE 3 &NEJE 3PLUS share the same motherboard. You can switch the motherboard independently through the link below.
    2.The area of NEJE 3 is 170mm*170mm

Hi Jim,
very kind to respond. My Neje was a MASTER 2S MAX, he connected it to another transformer by mistake and it burned. I bought a new mainboard and they sent me NEJE MAX 4 REPLACE MAINBOARD FOR NEJE MAX 4, NEJE 3 MAX,LASER ENGRAVER & CUTTER - NEJE SOFTWARE + NEJE APP + LASERGRBL + LIGHTBURN, 450nm 6W 12V Laser Module for Carving and Cutting - NEJE N40630 - Built -Air assistance -Square approach. The frame I have is 60x90. Please help me how I have to do it. The link you sent me, do I have to connect the laser to the laptop?

Yes, connect the motherboard with USB, then update it to the 3max V2 version

Hi Jim,
I already did the update and changed to Neje 3 v2, however when I try to use the machine with the Neje3 app it keeps ringing because it collides with the frame, and the image appears upside down in the frame. Is there any update for the APP?
I never used the laser with any method other than the APP, what other method through the laptop do you recommend?

Please check whether the wiring is correct and whether YL&YR are connected reversely.

If you still have problems with the malfunction, please take a video and send it to me.

If you don’t know how to upload video, The following link may be helpful:


Best wishes.

(Attachment Video.MOV is missing)

You can also share files with me

It was actually an error in the cable connection, thank you very much for your help
The last order, which way is the laser focused? now the light is no longer a dot (.), now it is a line (-)
Before I placed the piece to be engraved 2cm from the laser, now it seems to me that I have to separate it more


You are using N40630 laser module. Have you focused the laser module?

Im using n40630 yes

I haven't focused on it, like
it does?

I don’t see the malfunction in the video. Can you describe the malfunction in your native language? Or take a video of the malfunction and share it with me

La luz del laser anterior era en forma de
Punto fino, y la grabacion salia muy nitida
Ahora, en este nuevo laser, la luz es media rectangular, en forma de raya, el laser es bastante mas lento, ademas de no tener la opcion en los setting de la app para velocidad, el grabado sale corrido y difuminado

Same as the previous laser module

  1. First adjust the height of the laser module to find the approximate focus.
  2. Fine-tune by rotating the lens