ventilador do laser continua girando depois de terminar corte

I have a 30w laser module, for a few days now, the laser fan is still on after finishing use, when I bought it this did not happen, I would like to know if this is normal.

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More precise data, regarding NEJE frame, and precise laser module make the help easier.

The fan starts up when the temperatures on the laser module make it necessary.
It is usually because the laser module has received too much combustion residue, which also forms as a fine film over the lens.
= Your laser module is dirty. Happens faster than expected and of course depends on the material. Anodized aluminum makes less mess than wood or MDF.
The instructions in the NEJE wiki always mention that an AirAssist should be used, especially when cutting.
The reason is to blow the burnt particles out of the way so that the laser beam is not disturbed. Side effect = clean edges!

The simplest thing:
Clean the laser module with isopropanol (cleaning alcohol).
During operation, the NEJE program displays the temperature of the reader module.
If there are already high values, please provide a video of it.
Here is a guide for adding videos. How to attach a video when I post ? – NEJE

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Does it automatically stop when the temperature drops?

This is the case with my laser modules, but I use my laser engraver in a room with a maximum temperature of 16 degrees Celsius and a maximum humidity of 50%.
Only the KZ-2019 is in the “warm” office and I never paid attention to the fan runtimes, I always start it for individual aluminum tags and after the respective engraving job the KZ-2019 is switched off again.

On my E40, the fan turns off when I give it time. This happens when I start a new project and various short test runs have to be processed. Happens regularly when I engrave photos for friends on their natural wood objects…
But as I said, I use the large laser engravers in an air-conditioned room with a maximum of 16 degrees Celsius and a maximum of 50% humidity.

Bom dia, fiz como o recomendado, fiz uma limpeza com isopropanol e utilizei o app da neje para verificar qual a temperatura mostrada durante o uso, o máximo de temperatura que foi atingida até o final do uso foi 39°C. Só para que eu possa ter ciência de temperatura do laser, qual e o máximo que pode chegar? Para que eu fique mais atento e sempre faça a manutenção necessária.

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