Upgrade master 2s max for drawing

Hi, I bought this machine from Amazon about 2 years or so ago. I haven’t ran it yet because my second child was born and took up all my spare time but I did get the machine put together before that time. While I was on the website I saw there is a new version out with an upgrade board and the capability to draw with a pen. Is it possible to upgrade the version I have with the new board and the new Z axis to draw with? If so, what items do I need for that upgrade? Thanks in advance

There are too many things that need to be changed to upgrade the machine, and there is no good solution to achieve it. The X-axis is not thickened, and with the weight of the Z-axis, other problems may arise when the heavy-duty module is expanded.

I’ll just pick up a new controller from open builds and design and print a new, lighter z axis that can manage to hold a servo. Should be pretty simple. There are already tons of post processors out there to convert the laser on signal to drop the servo arm, I should be able to make it work with minimal effort from scratch, thanks for the quick reply anyways

The 3max motherboard can be upgraded to max 4, with Z-axis control. If you have the hands-on ability to upgrade, you can try it.

Where can I find that board?