Update Z axis with stepper motor Neje 3 max V2

Hi, I sow that in the board of neje 3 max v2 has available an input for a stepper motor for the z axis. What should be the stepper? How mutch Voltage and rated correct? Do you already have that adaptation? Or can I just print a a support for the motor and use an suitable floating joint to adapt the motor to the manual height control ajust?

I can add a limit switch to, what are the recommendation for that sensor? I want add one that I can plug in the board to

The 3max V2 motherboard is shared with the max 4 motherboard, so it has a Z-axis interface. There are currently no accessories or methods to upgrade the Z-axis.

Can you send me the specifications of the engine that I should use? and the end of course too

Just use a stepper motor with the same specifications as the machine.you can also use a smaller motor