Problem with new neje 3

hi…I have problem. Please halp…have bought from store neje 3 laser…and works slow…previous one simply Neje, not 2, worked faster… what to do? Maybe mainboard of neje max3 or 3 pro or other can go on this device and run faster?

Hello Zura1,
welcome to the forum.

In order to be able to help you better, more data is needed.
*Which NEJE3 do you have?
*Which laser module are you using?
*What software do you use?


thank you for replay!!! I have Neje 3(not plus, not max) with 30820 laser module. softwere neje_v.6.3.4.
I compared to neje 2 and as it seems neje 2 is bit faster, neje master 2 s mainboard 32 bit MCU APP control worked 2 time faster!

And i am interesting olso is there neje 3 and neje master 3 or they are one and same?!

Are you talking about the speed of the machine? Are you using NEJE software control or lightburn software control

Im talking about engraving speed…one and same logo, neje 2 and neje 3 doing olmost same time…neje master 2s was more faster
…I’m using neje softwere not lightburn.

The cores of the two devices are different, and the time is different. Generally, this is not compared.

this isn’t true…generally and logically, when to different devices doing one and same job and one of them is faster and quality of engraving is same, fაster is better, as is seems you are defending neje 3 and as it seems master 2s is better and neje 3 is mistake or marketing trick!!! now I know what is a problem!

NEJE 3 has added M7 M8 DOOR three interfaces, this is the place to upgrade, the chip solution is better than master 2S, the speed is fast and slow, this can be set by software

What M7 m8 door, where to upgrade? There is no such marks in softwear…?!? Im not person who without problems blame someone…