Please Change all cutting charts

@Jim I have noticed that all documented NEJE cutting charts mention as a example 3ply Speed 120 Power 100% 1 pass
but all staff always tell us not to use 100% power, instead of trying to make out how strong your laser are, how about redoing all charts and say recommended Power & Speed
Such as…
3 Ply Speed 120 Power 80% 4 passes is only a guide, please test your own laser, you can start at 80% 4 passes but adjust for your own laser module

Your suggestion is good, because a little error can lead to different results, we will adjust the direction of the suggestion

I appreciate that and so will other’s

thank you very much

@Jim how long do you think it will take to change all of the cutting data for each laser?

It needs to be combined with the power of the module, as well as air-assisted air pressure, cutting speed, etc. There is no fixed value, but I recommend adjusting the speed a little faster, 2pass, 90% power, 5-8bar (clean with oil-water separator Air source, high pressure air pump)