Parts for Max4

Why are you not selling the parts that not included in the first bacth of Max4 that are in the latest. Or better send them for free. I paid for the damned thing and the honeycomb does not fit, Neje added a solution, why not ad the drag chains as you send now with the MAX4.

My opinion leave the door control kit and the Belt Tensioner omitted, they are completely useless.
Its way better and quicker to cut the power and start the machine again, then there is no use to restart the software as with the control kit. And the Belt Tensioner adjust from the bottom Really? if the machine is bolted to get it very square and flat?

No support for dragchains so i had to build my own.

Al these things cost me time and money, and asked many times , but no support from NEJE. So i helped NEJE to add several improvements, but no support.

So you think i like NEJEā€¦ ?


Machines are constantly being improved and upgraded. This is an inevitable trend. We accept your suggestions and continue to improve.

So thanks for NOT suporting your first buyers. You think I wil buy another?