Neje USB software will not work on my Macbook air

Hi friends,
I have 2015 Macbook Air
Mac Os Monterey 12.6.3

It will not connect with my
Neje Laser master 2s plus
Module N40630

I have tried different usb cable, and the mashine works fine with my old pc laptop with same usb cable.

What to do?

Hello Christer Merighi Ådin,

usually it is the driver that causes problems. I don’t have a foot in the Mac world myself, but I assume that your Mac version (12.6.3) is a 64-bit version.
Go to the website for the installation:

Would be nice to know if it worked.

Greetings Coffee

These two links will help you

It worked out fine🙏
Thanks a lot

It worked out fine, thanks a lot!:pray: