NEJE tool - speed

I already have my software at “Slow” motor speed.
Is there a way to make it slower???

Isn’t the software able to adjust the speed of the machine?

Yes, but I want it slowet than the slowest setting in the program.

You can modify the GRBL parameter settings of lightburn software, (modify $110 $111 $120 $121),Reduce XY axis acceleration and maximum speed

Ok, I wanted to make it on Neje tool software.

I only have trial version of lightburn. My Neje only came with Neje toll.

Can you send me lightburn settings file for my Neje 2 please?

The speed of NEJE software can only be adjusted through the progress bar

Can you send me the settings file for lightburn?

This is in the lightburn machine settings, there will be a default value, you can modify it to adjust, there is no lightburn configuration file

We have fixed the limitation of the minimum running speed of GRBL in the recent firmware update. Now it can run very slowly. You can try to update your firmware to get super slow running.

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