NEJE Max 4 Diamond Rail Hardware

I would like to install several L brackets on the inside of the side rails to raise the Honeycomb i purchased for the NEJE 4max. i have tried t-nuts for 2020 extrusions and they are too large to slide in the v channel. I have done several searches via Google and on Amazon to find suitable nuts and screws but have not found anything that works. I also searched in the NEJE shop accessories and found nothing.

Can someone please provide a link or suggestion on where I can purchase compatible nuts and screws for the stock NEJE green side rails?



Thanks Jim, but that information is not very helpful since it is too brief. I assume you mean I should use M4 x 6 screws. However, I do not want to drill holes in the rails, I am trying to find nuts that will slide into the v channels in the rails so I can fasten several “L” brackets on the inside of the outer rails of the NEJE 4 Max that I can then use to raise the honeycomb onto.

More info would be appreciated, please….

Just tighten it directly

Thanks again but what you show requires me to purchase aluminum L channel to span the width of the NEJE 4 Max. I already have one inch by one inch “L” brackets that I want to hang from the lower v channel on the inside of the Y-axis track NOT the bottom (or on top) of the front and rear track(x -axis) as you show in your photo.

Can you specify the slot dimensions and a link for purchasing t- nuts that would drop in the v channels. I have purchased several already and they are too large to fit in the channels on the extrusions that make up the Y-axis not X-axis as you show in your photo.

I don’t quite understand your needs. I can only tell you the screw model you need.

Above photo shows what i am trying to do, I purchased the black L brackets and several different profile t-nuts also shown. The closest bracket in the picture has the screw and nut inserted in the rail but the profile does not allow the slip in nut to pivot and lock in the track when tightened. What I need to know is what t-nut will fit in the rail profile and rotate and lock when I tighten the screw down.

I will then set the honeycomb on top of the L brackets, a few on each side and suspend the honeycomb on top of them. I only left the honeycomb under the brackets in the photo to illustrate where I want to place them in the track.

This arrangement will let me lift off the honeycomb when I want to raise the laser unit to use the rotary. If i put aluminum front to back as in your picture I am afraid the aluminum cross pieces will prevent me from sitting the rotary flat on the table top.

Hope this is more clear, if not, let me know.

We have not tried this design

I’m unclear on what your response means. Do you not recommend I do this or you simply have not thought of it?

To achieve proper focal distance with the A40640, the bed needs to be raised. It is “amateurish” to use wood blocks, in my opinion.

NEJE fastens things to theses extrusions do you always drill through holes and then tap them? Or is there some other fastener you use? If the latter what fasteners do you use? Can I get about 6 from you or wherever you get them from?

Please answer the question I am asking……

Both sides are threaded and can be tightened using M4*6

I never thought of (L) brackets for the honeycomb. This photo shows a very good idea how to do it. thank you

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Hi Jcasagra1,

you need these >

They fit in the 2020 style aluminium profile… The M3, M4, and M5 are the thread sizes for the screw.
Hope this helps.