NEJE Master 2S Plus 30W with Air Assist

Hello, last year i bought a Master 2S Plus. This machine works fine for me with Lightburn and Air Assist.
Is it possible to switch a little compressor with the Lightburn Button? I.E. connect a Relay to the Mainboard or an other Board with Relay Output?
This would be great.

Sorry, this interface is not reserved on the neje 2S, but it can be realized on the neje 3 plus motherboard. You only need to buy one motherboard, and others are compatible

Sorry, i can’t find this board at the shop. Can you send me a link please?

this NEJE 3 Plus motherboard is at sale, you may need wait about 15~30 days,

Hello Mr. Wong,
ist it possible that a Laser Module A40630 looses Power after less than 10 h of working?
Since now I have to slow down engraving and cutting speed of approx. 30~40%.
I got the Machine on Nov. 25 2021. Can I check the output-Power?