Neje app crashes

I have a Neje Dk-8-kz, and I use Neje 1.5 on my Mac (or at least I try to use).
The software on my mac keeps on crashing all the time.
On my mac I use MacOs Ventura 13.0.1.
Any solution to this? Or is ther any other software for Mac that I can use with this engraver?

Thank you for your feedback, we will test the issue and release an update as soon as possible

I really would look forward to a quick update so I don’t have to get a PC just because of this.

OK, remind you after the update

The new version of v1.5.1 has released an update and is now waiting for approval, which may take 48 hours. In addition, you need to install the driver

When sending the image to engraver, the laser makes the square, shows the area. But then stops, and app says status AT CARVING. But nothing happens.
So this doesn’t work.

Has the software been upgraded to version 1.5.1? Please provide the video of your test, it is normal after my test

If you don’t know how to upload video, The following link may be helpful:

Best wishes.


As you can see here on the video, when I send to engraver it does the square, and then stops. Nothing more happens.

And yes, it is updated to 1.5.1

(Attachment is missing)

Seems that I can’t send you a video.

I got such a reply when I sent the video, see attachment

If you don’t know how to upload video, The following link may be helpful:

Best wishes.

I did try to send as an attachment to the email.

But now I will upload the video

No reply on this???

I watched your video, when did you buy the machine, can you take a picture of the version information of the main board of the machine?

Here is a picture:

Did you see this picture? Can you tell me what is wrong when the application doesn’t work yet?

We don’t have a prototype of your version. It’s been a long time. I can’t reproduce your fault. I can use the new KZ machine normally. Can you test it with another computer?

With windows pc works fine, but with mac comes the problem. I have tested with 3 different macs, same problem

Sorry, I can’t reproduce this failure now, there is no way to solve this problem