Neje 2S Plus mainboard replace with Neje 3 Max

Hey guys,
i want to use the new E80 module, but i know it doesn’t work with the 2S Plus oder 3S Plus mainboard. My Idea was now, i could replace the board with the 3S Max board, so i can use a 24V power adapter. The mechanic adaption is no problem, i have good skills in CAD and have a 3D printer.

  1. Can my actually A40640 module and the motors from the 2S Plus work and operate with the 24V, the limit switches and 3 Max board? In my bad memories i remember the Motors work with only 5V always.
  2. Can i use the 3 Max board with only 1 Y-Motor?

I would please me if you can get me a positive response

Dear ur friend :slight_smile:

NEJE 3 MAX Y-axis motor is divided into Y-L and Y-R. The E80 laser module is too heavy to use the PLUS machine, and the counterweight does not meet the requirements. NEJE MAX 4 machines will be updated to electric Z-axis in the near future

Okay, thats sad i could already guess that but in the theory i can use only motor without burning the board cause asymetric current? Do you know which weight the E80 have?
Will there be an improved and stronger module for the 3S Plus released, in the future?
The Neje 4 sounds interesting. But i think it will doesn’t fit in my selfmade enclosure.

Thanks for your fast reply :slight_smile:

About the same size as NEJE 3 MAX, with electric Z-axis,3 PLUS will be optimized, but may not match the E80 laser module

Hello! I have preordered the E80 module and the max 3 board for my 2S. How can I fit this mainbord, they have not the same shape.
Thank you for all answers!

Can be installed without protective cover