Módulo E80

Friends, I would like to know what the input of the two pins of the E80 is for to have more power? I would like you to explain .thanks.

This is the auxiliary power interface, which is used to reduce the power supply pressure. There is a 12V interface on the NEJE motherboard, it is recommended to connect it

do you have a drawing to explain how it connects? but the E80 works with a 24v power supply, can i connect it anyway? I would appreciate it if you could explain to me how to call. Thank you very much

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If your motherboard has a separate 2Pin interface, you can connect this 2Pin interface. If not, it is also possible to connect the 4PIN interface directly

Friend explain something but my cable does not have the two pins as shown in the photo to connect to the board, to the place too, how can I do it? thanks .

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and my card could connect.ok.sorry thanks.

A quinta, 27/07/2023, 17:28, Amadeu Duarte <amadeuduarte@gmail.com> escreveu:

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