Master 2s max motherboard

Hi ,
I hope someone can help with this question…

I am looking for a motherboard for neje master 2s max,
It seems neje does not have that in stock….
Could I order a motherboard for a neje 3 max instead?
What is the difference between the two?

Hi, sorry this new motherboard hasn’t started fa’shou

What is that?

I have found it online to order, would this work?

Yes, NEJE 3 max works. Please change the wiring of the two Y axes.

Ok, thanks…

Do you mean that I should switch the two, or do i need to reconnect the wires in the plug?

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reconnect the wires in the plug, It’s easy don’t worry.

Hi !
I have now received the new neje 3max motherboard,

What exactly must I change in the wiring?

I assume you don’t mean to switch the two from left to right?

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Sorry for late.
You can see Y-R and Y-L on your control board, connect Y-L to your left motor, connect Y-R to your right motor, please do a motor test after.