Mainboard Help

I have a NEJE Master2S, with the 3500 Laser module, I need a mainboard replacement. If I were to purchase the NEJE Master 3S plus mainboard, will it work on my machine?

Are you a master 2S plus machine?

Not the plus, just the Master 2S, with a 3500 laser module.

Can’t use it, the PLUS motherboard doesn’t match your machine

What do you have for me to purchase, that will work with my machine?

If the motherboard on my master 2s is faulty and in need of replacement, how does this help me. My laser module is fine, its my motherboard thats defective and in need of replacement.

NEJE 3 will send you a purchase link after the new motherboard is launched

Will this be the motherboard for my master 2s?

Upgraded version

I have received the upgradrd motherboard, for replacement of my faulty master 2s, thank you. Are there any available instructions or procedures for properly performing the replacement. I have concern about installing all components and making all connections correctly. Any information would be greatly appreciated.
Download the corresponding NEJE 3 software and update the latest firmware

Are there any photos, diagrams, or step by step instructions on how to properly perform the motherboard replacement. I want to make sure that I make all connections correctly and handle the new motherboard properly to avoid damage.

Thanks for any help.

Only two unique interfaces need to be connected

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