Lasing the plastic off a computer chip

I want to use the laser to burn off the plastic top of a computer chip so I can see inside the chip. It’s an old non-functioning Intel 8080 CPU chip. I just want to reveal the IC inside the plastic case.

I have a Master 2 laser, can it lase away the plastic safely outside in the fresh air?

Hello, I don’t know what type of laser module you are using, but some of NEJE’s laser modules can cut plastic.


I have the NEJE Master 2 Plus 30W CNC router Laser Engraving Machine Laser engraver Cutter

I’m hoping to burn away thin layers to gently expose a rectangle over the center area of the chip package to reveal the IC inside.

I’m hoping somebody else has done this and can give me some tips before I get started.

This module can cut plastic,The specific cutting parameters need to be tested by you

I know this is old, but those chips were not in plastic, they were ceramic designed to help dissipate heat, the laser will have little to no effect.

Hi, As I understand it, the ceramic chips were white with a soldered on gold lid and gold pins. The 1980 Intel 8080 CPU I have is black and very much looks like plastic being very smooth and both ends show the seam between the two pieces (top and bottom.)