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I currenty lave this (NEJE Master 2S Max Engraving Machine, CNC Engraver and Cutter for Plywood, Unfinished Wood,App Control with Lightburn and GRBL, 7.5W Output, 46
ASIN: B08NP9852H) laser and would like to upgrade. Will (NEJE A40640 Zoom Laser Module for Carving and Cutting - 2 x beam - 12W output - Widely Applied) work on my machine?

What is the main purpose of your work? The E40 laser module is a fixed-focus laser module, good at cutting materials below 4mm, with high cutting precision and fine engraving. A40640 is a zoom laser module. It is relatively difficult to use, but it can be adjusted and has wider applicability. Your master 2S machine can be used, and the power supply needs to be upgraded to 12V 5A

I am also looking to upgrade the laser module on my Master 2S. I want to be able to cut 3-4mm MDF. Is the N40630 a suitable replacement for the original laser?

N40630 cutting 3-4mm MDF board, the efficiency will be very low, it is recommended to buy a laser with output power above 10W

Thanks Jim. Which 10w+ laser module would fit onto the Master 2S I have?

A40640 or E40

Thanks for your help Jim - I’ve ordered the A40640 module.

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Hi Jim,

I’ve received the A40640 module and components, but there are no instructions for installing it? As I have said I have the Master 2S, and all I want to do is replace the laaser. Are there instructions for doing this anywhere?


Directly replace the original laser module, and replace the power supply with 12V 5A

Ah, thanks.

I understood the power supply needed to be 4A

12V 4A-5A are all ok, no problem