Laser module will not connect to software

New MacBook Pro 14" macOS 14.2.1

This may help you

The driver is installed.

Try plug out machine usb and in again.
Don’t plug out usb hub from your mac.

If not work, have you try another usb cable?

It’s a new USB. We had issues with the USB supplied by NEJE and swapped it. We haven’t had any issues on other computers.

USB’s taken out of machine, turned off and on, changed ports. Same issues.

Same issues. Works on old computer.

I believe there is a software compatibility issue.

If your old computer works, then there’s nothing wrong with your laser device.

What is your new computer os version?
we will test it.

I know there’s nothing wrong with the laser. I said it was a software compatibility issue with new MacBook Pro 14” iOS Sonoma 14.2.1. Please read my previous notes.


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I’m very sorry, I missed important news,
We will testing 14.2.1 now

Hi Jack,

Any update? Please update at your earliest.

Please test 14.2.1 and let me the result.

HI Jack,

Same problem. Laser will not connect.