Insufficient laser imprinting

When neje3 engrave a laser, neje3 can’t engrave the first part.
It is the same even if neje3 setting change the burning time, output, and the number of laser imprints.
What is the cause?
Update the firmware, take a screenshot of the content of the file you actually want to engrave

The firmware update has already been done.
The contents that I wanted to imprint were also carried out with screenshots. But the results are the same.
So the problem was solved by drawing a dot on the top.
However, it is also a problem because the dot is imprinted.

Take a video of machine failure

If you don’t know how to upload video, The following link may be helpful:

Best wishes.

Please let me know your email address.
Then I will send the video file there.
Because I can’t upload videos on YouTube for personal reasons.