How to safely connect new NEJE 1500mW laser to Ramps 1.4

Hello I recently purchased a 1500mW laser module and am looking forward to it arriving soon.

I have experience building my own 3D printer and a separate CNC router both based on Ramp 1.4 stepper motor driver using Marlin firmware.

I have a spare Uno Mega and Ramps 1.4 plus stepper motors, power supplies etc. and was wondering if it would make sense to connect the laser (or maybe a LED indicator lamp) to the Ramps board, along with the motors and Smart controller as a simulator to make sure I can get the combination to work (light flash and motors move) before tearing apart my 3D printer to retrofit it with the laser.

Do I need a separate laser controller or will the laser work hooking directly to the Fan port on the Ramps as I’ve read?

Also, what is meant by item 2 below? Can you explain the “aging treatment” procedure please?


  1. It is a professional laser module with high speed, high heat dissipation, and high stability.
  2. After 48 hours of aging treatment, it is more stable and durable.
  3. The anti-static design makes it safer to use.
  4. Bright violet light, easy to locate when carving.
  5. Can be used for carving bamboo, leather, cut paper, PCB, or other flammable materials.

Hi GoBaby,

lasers are generally designed to run at 1 KHz for the power control, so if the fan port frequency can be set it should be good. assuming voltage and current specs are met.

As to N02 in the list. It just means the output of the module should be more consistent after 48hrs of use. Most likely it means the power output will drop and then stabilise.

Thank you.
What is the effective focal distance range for this module?

I looked into the Marlin FW I’m using and the default SPINDLE_LASER_FREQUENCY in Configuration_adv.h is set to 2500 .
Do you know if this is the correct place to set the frequency to 1000KHz?

In one forum, a responder reported commenting out hat line helped them with their laser power problem. The details of his problem I’m not clear on but it was a solution to low power output.

I have no idea of the focal length of that module. perhaps do a ramp test.

Sounds like it could be the right setting for the frequency, I have not played with that, but the name sounds right.
Remember it is 1000 Hz or 1 KHz (same thing) (K or kilo is 1000x)
The 2500, would change to 1000.

commenting that line out may just run it full on all the time, or there may be another default if that line is not set… don’t know.

Thanks for the info.