House model


I purchase this House Model from Neje.
What i want to know, because from the picture you cannot really see, is this a full house?
Because when i opened the file, it looks as if it has 2 model houses, because i cannot see the side in the demo picture or back, but it seems like the file i get has 2 models, just want to make sure.

Kind regards
Bogdan Ghita

Yes, they are two house models with different roofs

Thank you very much.
I do have a few questions. I looked at the layers and something seems strange.

  1. As you can see in this image

    the layer(02) is engrave, but should that not be Line? I mean that’s supposed to be cut correct? And the setting should be as Layer(00).
    Layer(01) is ok, as it only need to mark the plywood and not cut.
    Layer(00) again is ok, as it needs to cut.

  2. It says to use 4mm plywood, but when i check the whole where you fit the pieces together, it’s 3mm not 4mm.
    See the image below:
    plywood thickness

Thank you very much.

Thank you, i already went there. it only helps with the lines.
But still as i said, the thickness is not 4mm, but 3.
And a question so i don’t forget. When i cut, if i set 2 passes, first one at the surface of the material and second one 1mm deeper, that will give the cut a concave look.
But if i put the middle of the material to get an even cut, what loss will there be. Because for sure it will not be the same.


  1. The red part, which is layer two, is the same as the black part, both are cut. The second layer of the blue part is cut to leave carving marks.
  2. The entire part can be enlarged as a whole, so that 4mm can be used. If we follow the original 3mm, the finished house will be smaller than the preview. Of course, you can also make it larger. This size is not unique, so you can cut it into several parts.