Have master 2/2s plus can not down load software or drivers

Connected the machine and tried to down load the software and drivers but no can do. I have windows 10 installed on my PC. Tried everything it does asked you to install Winzip at $70 subcrition and tried to down load the latest software 2022.
Never had this problem at this early statge with any other product. ? need help


Try 7zip - it’s free and open source

Thank you for the information and taking the time to reply. I have down loaded the software you suggest and I have managed to down load the driver however on tring to down load the running software i receive the following reply

Very confusing and time wasting?

Hi John,

Did you install .NET Framework 4.8?
I have seen simmilar messages when it was missing.


Hi David, no i failed to load .Net Framework 4.8 but will try now. thank you