GRBL soft limits not working. Seem to be inverted?

Hello All,

Machine; NEJE 3 max V2
Module; E80
Laser GRBL; v 5.7.0
Firmware; latest as of today (30/01/'24)

I have a problem with the soft limits not working as they should in GRBL. $20=1
When turned on, the machine cannot be jogged after homing at all.

If I use the ‘house’ button in the middle of all the jog buttons, the only button that works once homed, it will go there. (0,0)
I can then jog the machine outside of the ‘working area’ set in the setup. i.e. into the negative ‘Y’ or right across the ‘X’ axis once in the negative ‘Y’

The machine works normally if the soft limits are turned off. $20=0.
But since I am a idiot at times, and try to jog further than the edge, I would like them to work.

It is like the work area is inverted or something like that?


Thank you for your feedback, we have successfully reproduced this issue, we will fix it and release a firmware update soon, this is usually done within 7 days. I will send you a message here to remind you when everything is completed.

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Thank you Jack.

Hello my friend:
This bug is fixed in GRBL v2.1.1.
Please update your firmware and try it.
This is how to update firmware:

Thanks Jack.

Updated and now working. Thank you.