Engraving acrilyc with Master 2, 20W

Hello All,
I would like to engrave tags with my Master 2, 20W, which should have, if I’m not wrong, a N30820 laser.
The acrylic is Gravoply ™ Ultra, I only need to dig 0.1mm: is my laser strong enough or should I replace it?
Gravotech recommends the following for raster images ( I would like to engrave 5 text lines and a QR code): 40% power (of 40W, CO2 laser) 100% speed (?!), so I not sure if I should replace the optical unit and which model should I use.
Thanks for your comments!

I forgot to tell you that, because I’m on Linux, I use Lightburn…

You can try it with 100% power