Connection to an MKS DLC32 controller

I am new to the forum and to Neje.
I decided to upgrade my Bachin Laser with two things. A 40640 laser module and a MKS DLC32 controller.
I am utilizing the Laser Switch/Test switch between the laser and the controller. I am not sure how to connect it to the MKS board. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you.

do you see where “S-TTL-V” connector is? you have to connect it to “input C” of the Laser switch/test board respecting wires…
V on 12V, TTL on GND and S on TTL

Thank you Killrob for your response. By using the C portion of the Laser Switch/test board the controller power supply is powering the the laser module as well. If I wanted to power the module separately, what section do you suggest and how would I connect the separate control wire on the controller. Thank you again.
The new A40640 laser module has a separate 2pin 12V power interface

You can use the A section taking TTL and S from the connector in the mainboard