connection of a third-party laser module

Can you tell me if I can connect a K-30 laser module to my neje3max platform? I am attaching an image.
I need something much more powerful than my E40 module.Will neje3max be able to control this laser?

The following board is included with the laser module

*this is to clarify the question

and will the e80 module fit the neje3max?

Compatible with NEJE 3 Max (the motherboard model is higher than V1.1)
The E80 laser module is too large to touch the limit switch and requires DIY adjustment


I asked some questions, if you don’t mind, please give me the answers to them.
Besides that I have another question, how do I know if my model is > than 1.1?

I don’t quite understand the performance of the e80 module? How fast does it cut 3mm thick plywood?

Do you use high-pressure air assistance for daily cutting? If so, it will be improved. Usually 500-600mm/min, 100% power, 1pass, air assist pressure (5-8bar) are used.