Good afternoon friends, do you have a video explaining how I can connect your air pump, the pump comes to work with 220v but your control kit to connect it says that it works at 12v, I am confused how to make the connection to the pump and the connec
Screen Shot 08-05-23 at 03.37 PM
Screen Shot 08-05-23 at 03.11 PM
tion to the f8 .thanks.

With independent power supply

Bom dia a minha bomba de ar é de 220v,pergunto então não posso fazer essa ligaçäo? ou tem que ser uma bomba 12 v obrigado.

Good morning, my air pump is 220v, I ask, so I can’t make this connection? or it has to be the 12 v pump, thanks.

If you have other gas pumps, please use this gas control valve and pay attention to select the corresponding voltage of the laser module

Friend, there is one thing that I don’t understand to make the connection as shown in the photo since the pump works at 220v and in the photo it will connect to 12v, does the pump also have to work at 12v?

Good evening friend, regarding my question, tell me can I make this AC connection as shown in your photo. Because we have DC it has to be with a transformer but your photo also has a DC connection tell me if I can connect, thank you.

Both of these can be controlled, but the air valve controls the interruption of air flow and does not frequently disconnect the power supply of the air pump. This protects the air pump for 220V air pumps and can be used for 12V low-pressure air pumps.

But can I connect the direct 220v current wire here? If I connect the power supply, the pump will not work because it is 220v? I apologize for bothering you, but I’ll see if I understand.

220V-12V is supported here

The M7 M8 port only provides signals to the relay to control the circuit on and off, that’s it

Good morning, I ask you to help me why this message is happening to me as shown in the photo and it won’t let me record it, thank you

Friend, I started the work and after an hour the laser stopped here as shown in the photo and gives the error 1 The words in the G code consist of a letter and a value. The letter was not found.On or near the line - 59357: Work stopped.Flow completed at 8:40 . I can’t record a work until the end, please help me. Thank you.

Are you using GCOD files?Edit the pattern in the lightburn software to test whether it is normal