çelik üzerine kazıma

NEJE E40 ile çelik üzerine kazıma işlerini bri türlü yapamadım yardımcı olurmusunuz

Cannot engrave on steel,If the steel is coated, it can be marked with traces

bıçak üzerine isim yazmak istiyorum olmaz mı

buradaki kaplamamıdır

E40 laser module, A40640 laser module can be used for metal engraving, E40 novice is easier to use,
You can refer to this video, at 7 minutes, there are carving tools

sağol. bu videodakiler tam benim yapmak istediğim. Ama bir türlü kazıma yapamadım nasıl bir ayar yapmalıyım.

Hello Rahmi,
there are very different steel materials, especially when it comes to knives, and not every stainless steel is suitable for lasering.
In general, I always try with the E40 with a distance of 5mm between the laser module and the workpiece. Sometimes I also reduce to 4mm, but since we are in the DIY area here, the laser modules are not precisely calibrated. That is to say, with every E40 I would always try with a 5mm distance first, to then see what the result looks like. But it is also clear that with today’s diode lasers only light markings on metal are possible, for deep engravings other devices are required.
Before I treated myself to the E40, I marked metals with the A40630 and MOS2 spray, which also makes black markings possible.
Have fun lasering.
Greetings Coffee

PS.: Even on Youtube, not everything is as simple as it is portrayed. Some Youtubers have at least admitted that the results shown were associated with many attempts and setbacks.

anladığım ; metal üzerini, özel spreyle kapladıktan sonra mı kazıma yapabiliriz.

MOS2 spray PAS SÖKÜCÜ müdür.

You can try to spray other materials, or you can test without spraying

Also used, among other things, in the dry lubrication of cold metal presses. Some types of stainless steel contain MOS, which works great with them.
But rust removers also have MOS2 in them. Usually they are too thin (they are supposed to get into the gaps between materials to loosen), but I’ve never tried that, the mess has to be cleaned up again.
It doesn’t work with standard paint colors, you wash everything off again and I don’t want to put the exhaust fumes through my neighbors either.
Greetings Coffee