Can I use NEJE MAX 4 motherboard in different machine

I have a chassis that I have made myself and I am using an MKS DLC 32 motherboard on this chassis. Can I use a maximum of 4 motherboards for faster and higher sensitivity?
Will I have connection compatibility problems? Can I purchase the motherboard directly and install it?

I use laser tree 30w module

Theoretically it’s possible, but I don’t know if the laser module line sequence matches.

Do I need a separate card or just the sockets? I can change the sockets, but if I need another motherboard, I will have a problem.

You may be able to use these, but I can’t guarantee a match.

Ok thank you, I will review the documentation.

Hello, I ordered the motherboard, now I have the motor outputs in hand, I can also find the 24v input that will go to the laser, but I am not sure which cable input mentioned as TTL in MKS 32 is.

Can you help me on which output is the one that performs the TTL function? I get 1 24v+ and 3 chassis signals from the 4pin input socket labeled laser.

This may help you

Thank you, I found this, everything is normal now, but the ignition is always active at low power. Is there a way to turn it off?

This will help you

Thank you this solves the problem.
I installed the motherboard and ran it without any problems, but I was hoping that I could get the same quality faster as MKS, but it didn’t work, I couldn’t increase the quality.

Will this help you?