Can I make air turn on/off automatically when the laser turns on/off?

Is there a way to do this? I’m using a compressor, maybe with some electronic valve? But I could use a pump instead.

Also is there is a diagram showing what all the open connectors on the motherboard are for? I’d like to add a secondary laser crosshairs for precise positioning as one example, and I’m curious what the other connectors could be used for.

Both of these are fine, one is the power-off switch, the other is the gas valve that shuts off the air.
This link is the focus mode setting, there is no cross positioning laser port expansion

You can also use a wifi socket to turn you compressor on and of. That is what i did with my 30 bar compressor in my shed 15 meters away connected with a pneumatic hose and the below solution (Hose on alie 10 box)

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