Bluetooth not connecting on android

I cannot get the Neje app to connect using my Honor 10 android phone.

The app installed ok, i can see the Neje 4 in my “available devices” list in bluetooth settings but the app does not find it.

I have location turned on, have red & yellow lights on the laser engraver & have tried turning the machine on & off, location on & off, bluetooth on & off, restarted app etc but the app still will not connect and does find the laser.

Otherwise the laser works fine and I am really happy with it!
Have you downloaded the APP for the corresponding model?

Yes, not sure what was happening but it works now. I tried it using another phone and it worked, now also works on my Honor 10 - thank you, and special thanks for the quuck reply!

One issue i still have though is that there are no jog commands to move the laser head to position the engraving. Not a problem in some ways as it may be possible to move the material that neefs engraving, but on the Neje 4 the machine is automatically homed when the app connects, including the z axis… how is it possible to focus the laser before engraving please?

Click on the frame, then adjust the focus, click on the frame again, and click to start

Thank you my friend. As there are no controls in the app to move the laser head i assume you mean to adjust the laser focus by loosening the laser bracket and adjusting manually? I have now made spacers so i can get the laser focus quite accurate.

If you are still working on the app then i think a “jog control” screen that allows a user to accurately set Z axis and to move to precise coordinates would be really handy & would make the app much more powerful.

Thanks again for the quick & helpful reply. I have made a YouTube video highlighting the machine, the speed and quality of the feedback here is congratulated!

Motorized Z-axis control requires lightburn software