Air assist pump for Neje Master 2S Max

Hi, I am trying to buy an air assist for my laser NEJE Master 2S Max with A40640 dual laser. I have been told by Neje Shop to ask here about which one is suitable for my laser before purchasing. I want full equipment kit + pump (a good one!). Thanks.

i use the Atomstack airassist kit

Thanks, do you know if I can use a rotary jig from Atomstack as well on my laser? It takes for ever for NEJE to get new ones and they don’t know when this is back in shop. Really frustrating :frowning:

So what do I need of all this? All of it? It doesn’t seem to have a tube for air on it? I really wish someone could give me a straight answer, as the freight takes forever, and the answers from NEJE as well. It is soon a year since I bought the laser and I can’t use it for what I want. Sorry for the frustration, I am a newbie after a year due to lack of equipment for the laser.

in the atomstack air assist kit there is a pipe that fits well on the pump, then you need the Neje’s kit
this one

NEJE’s accessories took about 2 months and are in preparation for production