$30 and S-value max issue

Hey, has anyone experienced a loss of power due to not being able to set the $30 and the S-value max to the same number?
Mine has to be set to $30: 1000 and S-Value: 800.
If I try to set this higher, the laser fires to start and then doesn’t move, but the job is still running.
I am using lightburn software.
I have also set them both to 225
Any help greatly appreciated

Please keep $30 = 1000.
Please set s value = 1000 at lighburn.

Why do you need to change $30? Please tell me and I will test it

But that’s what I am saying Jack,
I can’t set both values the same. If I set the S-value to the same as $30 the laser doesn’t move.

You can also the values to 255 and it works 100% power.

As I cannot set the S-value higher than 800, I’ve been told that I’m only getting 80%, even when set to 100%.

I hope this makes sense. I’m trying to find out if there is a fix or if something has failed in the mother board or laser?

This may help you

Hey Jack.
From the link you sent: update 8.8
I’ve followed all the instructions the two photos are what I get.
I have quit and I have pressed continue. I’ve tried this on everyone of the update versions.

Sorry, my reply is late

What is your device model?
This may help you:

I’m not very clear about the problem you describe, can you add more details? It may be a good idea to describe the problem you encountered through a video.
If you don’t know how to add a video, this link may help you.