2S Max with E80


Can I fit the E80 module to a 2s max? What needs to be modified to make it work?


The 2S motherboard does not support 24V and cannot be installed

ok, but can the motherboard be changed too?

You can use the latest NEJE 3 MAX motherboard, and you need to adjust the limit switch touch problem


Great, so what is the complete shopping list for the upgrade?

So I need the NEJE 3 MAX motherboard and the module? What else?

Only the motherboard can be upgraded, and the E80 laser module is supported, but the electric Z-axis cannot be upgraded

Do you know when it will be available again? Also, do I need another wire harness, and a new power adapter? The 12V one that came with the 2S max won’t work

I will give you the link on Monday, you can buy the motherboard and power supply, if you buy the module directly, the laser module has a 24V power supply

Can you send me part list in case I can’t make the a40640 work?

I suggest you to buy NEJE MAX 4 E80 with motorized Z-axis, it will be more cost-effective