XTool rotarywith Neje Master 2


I bought a Neje Master 2 a few years ago. I have tried a few rotary tools to use with my Master 2 recently.

I was told that I could use xTool RA2 rotary chuck on the Master 2 engraver. I have not been able to get the xtool rotary chuck to work properly with the machine. Can you tell me if there is something that can be done to be able to use the rotary chuck? I have used the Ortur rotary, but not satisfied with it.

I have spoken with other people who use the RA2 with their Master 2 engraver. Is it an issue with the software or firmware?

Thanks. Sorry if this has been previously discussed.

The main problem is whether the line sequence of the stepper motor matches

How do I figure that out? If there are other Master 2 users already using the xTool RA2, would it be a mistake to assume that mine should also work? As of right now, its nothing more than a waste of $300.

Sorry I can’t help you either, see if other clients try