Unable to Connect with Driver MAC 13.13.1

Hi, i have not used my NEJE - B1500, SN 7QTU7C for sometime on my Mac, Im presuming I have had multiple updates on my MAC and this driver is no longer working, please advise if there is a new driver available, I am running 13.13.1, thanks


I am using Edge, please advise still not connecting, also purchased a new data cable

Reinstalled app, still not workiing, please advise


Already deleted and re-loaded app, still not working, please advise,

System Require: OS X 10.10 or higher, 64-bit

Yes I am running higher, please advise, thanks


Yes I have already actioned what you have just sent, also tried another MAC and is still not working, please advise, I need to get some lids etched urgently

Any tips after reinstalling?

Still not workiing on any machine MAC, is your software up to date with my version of OS

Please advise,

This model has been out of production for a long time, and there is no maintenance at present, and it is still in the previous version. Do you have other computers that can be tested?

Maintenance on the app or the product? Will try on a PC at weekend, but if this does not work would i get conpensation as i need this item to produce my lids, not happy

Forgot to ask you, have you downloaded this?

No i have not downloaded it as its in Chinese and what is it for please, in English, thanks

Serial debugging tool

I have downloaded it but have no clue on how to use it, can you send instructions please

If you don’t know the software, can you test it with other devices? For example: iPhone, Windows PC