Problem with program

I have a problem - a few monts ago i bought a laser NEJE3max , installed Neje, the machine works and performs the main functions - movemente, pointing, engraving. Then i installed Lightburn, i worked with this program for a short time, but soon it stopped working, it doesn’t recognize the device.The help center directed me to do the following - to manually import a device and the machine worked. But the next day it doesn’t work again and i can’t do anything. From the help center of Lightburn they directed my to install GRBL, i installed it, but it also doesn’t work. I can’t flash the firmware.Here is a picture, please, help me!

hello zelina,

the photo indicates that an “Arduino Uno” should serve as the target. I have the NEJE 2s Max, the predecessor of the NEJE 3Max,
but the NEJE firmware does not issue such messages.
On the website
are the necessary steps and downloads.


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