problem with cutting


Hello, my name is Pablo Kranevitter. I am from Argentina. I have a neje 3max machine. I have a problem with cutting 3mm mdf. When it moves from right to left, top to bottom, and bottom to top, it cuts. But when you do it from left to right, no. How can I solve it?

At 1 pass, the smoke blocks the laser output, and the fan has not accelerated the speed. It is recommended to use air-assisted cutting for materials with higher density.

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Hello, I have carried out the test with the air assistant. The cutting has improved, however, there is still the problem of cutting from left to right.

It is normal for the A40640 module to be slightly non-uniform in the XY direction of the far focus. This is a compromise of zoom design, not a quality problem. You can reduce the non-uniform XY cutting by narrowing the focus.

A40640 cuts thinner materials, it is recommended to use a short focus, and place a piece of such paper at the bottom to find the minimum focus