My new A40640 ms2max

Good afternoon, first off I would like to say I really enjoy your products and have 2 of your lasers ( the in the below purchase and the N40630 both on the m2s max frame) and planning to purchase the M2s plus A40630 next month. With that said I’ve had the N40630 for about 15 months and have no issues with it what do ever but the new one (A40640) I keep running into problems.

First I was having problems with the laser stopping in the middle of a job and giving me a disconnected error. (I replaced the usb cable and that problem was fixed.

Second I started getting jittery lines and haloing on my engravings (the gantry X-axis belt had pieces of the belt breaking off and getting built up on the rollers). I replaced the belt and that fixed the problem.

Third, and most recent is the when I home the laser about 40% of the time once it gets to home it doesn’t want to stop and it just starts grinding and trying to go further and now when the laser is in use I’m hearing a grinding/ crackling noise from both the gantry motor and the y- axis motor closest the the mother board.

I haven’t even had this laser out of the box for 3 weeks and have already ran into all these problems is there anything you can do to me? I don’t want a refund but I would like a new frame system (the laser head works great). Thank you in advance and have a great day

Marc Pliska

Hi, this link may help you:

If the problem is still not resolved, please reply here.

No the problem is still there and getting worse.

Sorry I had replied to the email sent but just logged back in here to see you wanted the reply in here not in the email

I am writing a solution for you, it will be sent to you in two days, please wait…

Please adjust your belt first

about homing problem, please wait about 2 days…

I adjusted the belts several times and it doesn’t seem to help. I adjusted one tooth of the belt at a time and ran a test and I went all the way until the belt was too tight and at no point did it look good. The homing issue hasn’t happened again

I have taken the belt to tight and started backing the belt off one tooth at a time until it doesn’t bind up and I am still getting the problem. I even went a few more notches more to see if it was still too tight but no better! What can I do now?

Sorry for taking so long to reply to you, I have made a document about reset, please check

If you still have problems with the reset, please take a video to describe it to me, if you don’t know how to upload a video, this link will help you