Max 3 randomly stops the work

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I recently got my Max 3 and got problems with random stops. There is no error or anything, lightburn for example tells me “still streaming” but the machine wont react on any command anymore. Luckily the Laser beam gets turned off at least.
So, I searched the Internet and grounded the frame.
I bought a high quality USB cable, double shielded and replaced the old one.
Installed a power line filter for the 12v ray.
Changed power supply to 12v 10A from meanwell.
So I am a bit lost now. Could it be a mainboard problem then? Cant be overheating, my exhaust system is 12v 3a Ear blaster 5000 fan.

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I have the same problem with 2 s max. Installed all the updates, firmware etc. On the Lightburn forum I was suggested that might be grounding problem but I can’t understand how to solve it. Since there are so many users with this problem I think it’s a design flaw. They will suggest you to run a stability test that is useless since the error happens randomly.

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Hi, can you try this method, if it doesn’t help please keep contacting us.
and flash your firmware to the latest version

You can ground it by connecting a wire to a part of the frame with blank metal. Or a screw. Most Aloy wouldnt work since its anodized.
But I wasnt very successfull doing it.

Thanks for the quick reply.
I did that already. Firmware is up2date. The Mickey Mouse thing ran for 2 hours then I stopped it. Like I said its randomly and it loves to happen while doing photo engraving. If it happens while laser lines/cuts it not thaaat annoying. The machine is pretty accurate.
Any other solutions?

In order to avoid multiple communication due to incomplete information, you’d better provide the following information:

  1. Your device type and firmware version number (It’s on neje control software main interface, please take a screenshort and send to us)
  2. If you have questions about the GRBL, please flash GRBL firmware once and take a screenshot of the GRBL Uploder software(if it fails, please also take a screenshot)
  3. Carefully describe the problems you encounter. It’s best to attach a picture description. The detailed description is very helpful to us
  4. More information you think is useful

Never mind. I think I found the problem. Its the air compressor standing to close to the machine.

How does the air pump affect the machine and how did you solve the problem. I need that fix too. thank you

I use a real air compressor. Not an air pump. No idea if it would fix it for you.
But each time the compressor starts/stops it sends interferences into the power line. If its the same power line the Laser is plugged in it may cause and error every now and then. Makes the whole machine stop.

My first attempt was to install special EMI filters into the 12v line and move the compressor a little further away. That helped but it still happened.
Now the compressor is on another fuse and I did 6 hours jobs without problems.

Connecting the compressor to a different power line seems to work for me too. Thank you so much